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Vocal lessons nurture many attributes to improve your singing quality. It is important to loosen up your voice and make it flexible for good pitch control and tone so you are not straining to hit the notes. As a professional vocal teacher, I can teach you breath control and expand your range. These are important qualities for projecting emotion and a pure sound effectively. I will give you the tools to enhance your singing abilities.

I have affordable rates and offer voice training services through private classes. Get expert training from a vocal teacher in Huntsville, AL. Lessons are offered either weekly or bi-weekly. Great singing is more than just a nice voice. Singing can be a rewarding experience that allows us to express our feelings and emotions through a range of notes. We will work on the mechanics and exercise your vocal chords to expand your range.

To help train your voice to reach new levels, we work on melodic scales, core strength, posture, breath control, tempo, and volume control. Since your voice changes with age, the way you sounded in the high school choir versus how you sound in your late 20s or 30s will be surprisingly different. Persistent exercising of your vocal chords will improve pitch, range, and projection. Part of what makes music enjoyable is the emotion that is portrayed in the volume, tempo, and beat.

Let us both get started this week so you can reach new heights with your voice! Call or come by to discuss your goals, and we will come up with a personalized plan that is at an affordable rate. As a professional vocal teacher I will help enhance your musical talents.

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